Survey Services

Real Property Survey Report

A real property survey report is a necessary legal document which protects both the homeowner and the potential homebuyer. Typically the report contains an illustration of the physical features of the property as a well as written report that contains the surveyor’s opinions and concerns.

One of the most significant findings in a survey is any knowledge of a potential boundary dispute. Mac Abstract knows our clients are busy people. That’s why, if the survey uncovers any potential problems, we take the initiative to provide our clients a heads-up by raising the exception.

In addition, most survey reports include:

  • Legal description of the property with dimensions and boundaries
  • Location of adjacent properties and/or buildings
  • Location and description of any property improvements
  • Any encumbrances such as easements or covenants

Mac Abstract has developed excellent relationships with a variety of surveyors and will negotiate the optimum fee on your behalf.